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Reverend Kristi BorstMuch of what seems so real in this physical dimension is not the entire Truth of who we are and/or what we can do. Over the last decade, I have allowed myself to both explore and expand beyond the physical, mental and emotional boundaries I thought were rigidly in place in this "reality". What I found was an aspect of Self that I had forgotten was there. I offer these wonderings and wanderings as an invitation to see beyond "what meets the eye", MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) and "why can't I?" in your life!

Read, ponder, explore the depths of yourself. Although our eyes focus outward, we are primarily here to see and change ourselves. If you want to go deeper in your healing and release more quickly, let's work together. These writings are not short ... but the world is full of insightful one-liners which haven't managed to fully communicate to and shift heart and soul. I remain ever hopeful ... Much love, Kristi

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Tuesday, August 1, 2023

All Life Matters ~ BEE Kind

a bumble bee flies awayAnd as they flew away, we were thrilled to have made a difference!

My husband and I saved a bumble bee the other night. We were on a slow "stroll" on the lake in our ski boat. I was happy that I love sitting in the bow on the chaise seats, observing the sky, water, flora, fauna, etc; otherwise I may not have seen the struggle. As we were passing through a "no wake zone" I noticed a strange circular pattern in the water's surface. I called attention to my captain; as he navigated close, I saw a bumble bee. They/He/She was on its back, going in circles, trying to make the 50 foot passage to shore (I presume). The circular water pattern was movement, but very slow going!

"It's a bee; he's going to drown. Can we go back and help?"