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Reverend Kristi BorstMuch of what seems so real in this physical dimension is not the entire Truth of who we are and/or what we can do. Over the last decade, I have allowed myself to both explore and expand beyond the physical, mental and emotional boundaries I thought were rigidly in place in this "reality". What I found was an aspect of Self that I had forgotten was there. I offer these wonderings and wanderings as an invitation to see beyond "what meets the eye", MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) and "why can't I?" in your life!

Read, ponder, explore the depths of yourself. Although our eyes focus outward, we are primarily here to see and change ourselves. If you want to go deeper in your healing and release more quickly, let's work together. These writings are not short ... but the world is full of insightful one-liners which haven't managed to fully communicate to and shift heart and soul. I remain ever hopeful ... Much love, Kristi

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Friday, April 19, 2019

Ways to Nurture Our Mother Earth

April 22, 2019, Is Our Tenth Annual "International Mother Earth Day"!

illustration of earth Gaia with her chakras, crystaline gridwork, flower of life, light language
On my Free Videos page, I offer a guided meditation for Connecting with Gaia, Our Mother Earth which might serve as a deepening to this message.

See and Celebrate Our Mother Earth

In 2009, the United Nations created "International Mother Earth Day". I love this more expansive naming of April 22 beyond "Earth Day",
"The Earth and its ecosystems are our home … It is necessary to promote harmony with nature and the Earth." The term Mother Earth is used because it "reflects the interdependence that exists among human beings, other living species and the planet we all inhabit".1

"International Mother Earth Day" It Is!

Many cultures around the globe celebrate the Earth as sustainer of all life here. Those who are sensitive to the energy and messages of/from the Earth share that she is craving our awareness and support! We can easily assist in big and small ways.

From the time I was quite young, I've felt a deep connection to the Earth. Several years ago my relationship with our planet deepened after stumbling upon the multidimensional writings of Suzanne Lie. In many of her blogs, Suzanne describes our Earth as "Gaia, a spiritual being having a planetary experience."  WOW!

This Being named "Gaia"

Many of us are just starting to see OURSELVES as more than just our physical bodies: spiritual beings having a human experience. Why wouldn't our planet live similarly; a grand spiritual being dwelling within a planetary body?

In 2015 I was able to travel to Peru, to present a spiritual awakening/healing program and then venture on to Machu Picchu. It was heavenly experiencing the Peruvian people's open expressions of gratitude and reverence for our Earth, which permeates their culture. They call her "Pachamamma", and they understand her spiritual presence beyond our more-limited concept of "Mother Nature".

Colors of the Wind

Relatives have traced my lineage back to the Mayflower. Personally, I'm not too proud of the way "my people" invaded this country. I can only imagine what life in our America could look like today had the English Settlers been open and embracing of the Native American peoples' ways and attitudes!

"Colors of the Wind" (from Disney's "Pocahontas") written by Stephen Schwartz communicates this cultural gap:
"You think you own whatever land you land on
The Earth is just a dead thing you can claim
But I know every rock and tree and creature,
has a life, has a spirit, has a name."
How do you imagine humanity would behave differently, if they not only recognized but also felt Gaia's spirit and soul? Each year on New Year's Day, we invite massive change within ourselves. Yet each new day can be celebrated as a jumping point toward a better you, a better me, a better world! Why not today?

Earth's Guardians

Consider the Earth's body. How can you help ensure the property you call "home" is viable to those who follow you? Begin to see yourself as the guardian of the plot of land you occupy on Earth!
Are you conscious of debris that will never decompose or that might leech contaminants into the ground and our water supplies? Water quality is a concern for everyone. Think before you put anything toxic down the drain or use poisons and chemicals in your yard.

Within your neighborhood or workplace, what improvements can be implemented that will improve Gaia's health and long-term viability? Would you organize a "Pop Up Mother Earth Day" cleanup or plan one for 2020? Start small, selecting an area to target debris cleanup (be safe near any traffic and take friend).

Live and Let Live

Consider your impact on the animals, insects and elements in our amazing ecosystem. Learn to  share your space. Every life form, not just humans, is here on Gaia for a purpose and part of a beautiful plan.

In 1984, I transplanted peonies from my grandma's garden to my new yard. Weeks later, I was heart-broken to see them covered with ants. I called a friend for pesticide advice. "Don't kill the ants!" she exclaimed. She shared that the ants eat the outer casing of the buds. Without the ants, the beautiful blooms could never manage to open!

Insecticide commercials make it seem like killing bugs is our only option, and we need to fear them if they are in our homes. Respect may be more in order! Insects do an amazing amount of work on our planet, breaking down and transforming waste products.

Anchoring Love

Consider the Earth's energy. In celebration of International Mother Earth Day and in my role as an emotional healer, I am hosting a healing circle in southern Maine for clearing negativity and anchoring love throughout the world.

I'd love you to join me across any distance and at any time. All you need is intention, imagination, love and confidence that in changing yourself you help change everything!

On my site, I've outlined the steps for holding your own personal ceremony for clearing negativity and anchoring love on your own. Thank you in advance for your part in assisting our Pachamamma <3 GAIA!

Connect to Gaia with Love

As you sit or walk or even drive, realize that you're connected to the Earth, not only by gravity. Periodically reconnect with Gaia's heart. Be mindful about the emotions and energies you are anchoring ~ your emotional footprint. Anchor love and light along your path <3

Create peace on Earth by being peace on Earth. See Gaia. Celebrate her. We are so blessed!

Yours in service to Gaia and Our Highest Good,

release that which no longer serves you ...

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1These statements are excerpted from The Resolution to the United Nations, introduced by The Plurinational State of Bolivia, and sourced from Wikipedia.com

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